What’s for lunch? A delicious vegetarian aubergine pasta

aub5Ask and you shall receive – some of you told me you wanted vegetarian recipes and here I am, giving you a marvelous idea for lunch or dinner.  It’s super-easy to make and the flavors are absolutely sensational. It’s fresh and quite light, but tastes incredibly creamy and nutty. Yes-yes, you’ll thank me later, now let’s get straight to the ingredients!
aubYou will need:

♥ Tagliatelle pasta (enough to serve four, follow the instructions on the packaging)
♥ 2 aubergines (or eggplants, whatever you like to call them), diced
♥ 2-3 red onions, diced
♥ 4 garlic cloves, chopped
♥ 100g of pine seeds (They’re not actually nuts, no, they’re seeds. So we’ll call them just that.)
♥ 4-5 tablespoons of sun-dried tomato paste (I just pureed some myself, but you can buy the stuff in a jar and just wash less dishes)
♥ A dash of white wine or a teaspoonful of white wine vinegar
♥ A generous amount of chopped parsley (always go for flat leaf, it tastes much better!) for garnishing
♥ A bunch of pitted black olives (the more, the better, I say!)
♥ 1 dl olive oil for frying
♥ Salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar/spoonful of honey for seasoning

Start by taking a frying pan and dry-roasting the pine seeds until they’re nice and golden (this means you’ve got a hot pan with no liquid in it and you roast your seeds, throwing them around so they don’t burn, to crisp them up and bring out all the lovely oils and flavors hidden inside).
Once you’ve finished dicing, heat the olive oil in a large frying pan and throw in the aubergines and onions. While they’re frying to become beautifully caramelized, prepare the pasta (boil it in salty water according to the instructions on the packaging, always go for al dente). Once your aubergines and onions are done, add the pine seeds and garlic and continue frying for a couple of minutes. Add the tomato paste and the wine and cook for another couple of minutes.
By now, your pasta should be done. First, grab a ladle and add a bit of your pasta water to the sauce. Then drain the pasta and add to your sauce. Throw in the olives, some salt, pepper and the sugar/honey, give it a proper mix-through (or a toss, if you’re pro) and serve with a ton of chopped parsley.

That went fast – you’re already done. Ain’t cooking fun?

Enjoy with a lovely glass of Riesling or Pinot gris. Can you spell sensational?